Terms of service

The following Terms of Service is to help us maintain a consistent code of practice to best serve you. Do not hesitate to contact us if we could be of further assistance.


Welcome to the LINS Smoodees® website. We look forward to embarking on your green smoodee journey with LINS Smoodees® (“our”) services (“us”).

Please read the following terms of services carefully. By using this website and placing an order with us you are agreeing to the conditions found below.
Do not hesitate to contact us at any time for any further assistance.


All holds or cancellations for our regular weekdaily delivery service must be made (either through the website by you or specifically accepted by us over the phone or by email) before 5pm one day prior to the date on hold. Hold or cancellations after this time will be charged the full cost of the smoodee® without valid reasons such as Medical Leave.

If you put on hold a multiple booking of regular deliveries we will recalculate the number of deliveries you have already received to work out the number of extended days eg if you booked 20 deliveries and having only used 4 you would like to put on hold 2 days, we will extend your initial package expiry by 2 deliveries.

You are entitled to 1 free hold* per 20 days delivery. After which we reserve the right to charge an administrative fee of $3 per number of days on hold.
*“hold” refers to the duration of smoodees® on hold at one given stretch of time.


Apart from the areas specified on our website, we may be able to make deliveries to other postcodes, for which a delivery surcharge may be payable. We will notify you of this surcharge if we are able to deliver when we receive your order.

We reserve the right to refuse orders from customers at our discretion and considerations of delivery problems may give rise to such a refusal.
We will make delivery to your address as stated when you set up an account or update that address. We reserve the right not to deliver to all locations. You are responsible for making suitable arrangements to receive your delivery and giving us appropriate instructions.

If your delivery is stolen from your doorstep or other place specified to us or damaged while there, we will offer a first replacement free. However, we do not accept liability and will offer compensation only at our discretion. Please let us know immediately if you suspect that your delivery has been stolen. We shall liaise with you to make alternative arrangements if there is a risk that the theft may happen again, which may involve making alternative delivery arrangements. In the meantime, we reserve the right to suspend your deliveries until new arrangements have been finalised or to cancel your remaining deliveries provided that we refund you the cost of your remaining orders.

If we are unable to reach you at the address you have given to us for any reason, we will attempt to contact you to make other arrangements. We will normally contact you using the contact number that you have registered on your account and it is your responsibility to ensure that you are available on this number. If we are unable to deliver in such circumstances, we reserve the right to charge you for that delivery in any event.
We will endeavour to meet your delivery time requests and keep your delivery times approximately the same each day, but we reserve the right to change this temporarily at our discretion and without prior notice unless the change is permanent.

If we are unable to deliver to you or have to deliver late for reasons beyond our control, for example adverse weather conditions, strike actions (almost never), vehicle breakdown (sigh, time to get a repair once again), driver accident (please pray for us), traffic congestion (someone call LTA??) or supplier failure (touch wood), we do apologise for any inconvenience or loss this causes but sincerely regret that we cannot accept liability for it. We will however inform all smoodears with timing restrictions should there be a delay past their respective stipulated timings.

We will not charge you for incorrect products or products that we have not delivered in accordance with these terms and conditions. Otherwise our liability in respect of incorrect delivery is limited to the price of the incorrect products.

You must inspect all deliveries as soon as possible after you have received them and notify us promptly if you find anything weird by calling or emailing us using the contact details on our website. If you do not let us know by 1pm on the delivery day of any such problems we reserve the right not to refund or replace the item and you will be deemed to have accepted your delivery for that day, unless we agree otherwise.

Health and nutritional information

Specific health or dietary requirements or objectives cannot be guaranteed. While we aim to provide nutritional drinks, No Two Bodies are the Same, there is no substitute for a private consultation with a qualified nutritionist, naturopath or other health-care professional to discuss your individual requirements. Please contact us if you would like a recommendation for a suitable professional.

LINS Smoodees®‘ packages may not be suitable for everyone, for example those with a wide variety of fruit and/or vegetable intolerance and under strict dietary restrictions. Our service should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women without first informing us. If you have any concern, you are taking specific medication or have a medical condition please check with your doctor first.

With the exception of medical reasons, we are not obliged to accept your dietary preferences. If you have special requests or wish to omit certain ingredients please contact us to check if this is possible. However please bear in mind that we cannot guarantee to accept this and we cannot make significant changes to our menus in order to keep our prices as organically low as possible.

While the website and other information that we may send you provides general information on health and nutrition this does not in any way constitute medical advice and is not tailored to your specific requirements and body constitution.

LINS Smoodees® makes its green smoothies in a kitchen that contains seeds and nuts. In ordering from us you acknowledge that we cannot be responsible for any allergy reaction that you may have to nuts or any other plant ingredients.


All payments should be made in advance, unless expressly acknowledged by us. We reserve the right to refuse or discontinue smoodelivery if payment is not made.

We will seek payment only after your order has been confirmed by us. Kindly note that we only cater to a limited number of supply each day and our services are currently not available island-wide, yet.

We reserve the right to suspend deliveries to you and/or terminate our agreement with you if we do not receive payment in good time. You agree to compensate us in full against any and all reasonable costs and expenses (including reasonably legal costs) that we may incur in obtaining payments due from you.

Please note that we reserve the right to change prices without prior notice before the order is confirmed.

Availability of the website

Although LINS Smoodees® aims to offer you the best service possible, we make no promise that our website services will meet your requirements and we cannot guarantee that the service will be fault free. If a fault occurs with the service, please report it to us as soon as possible using the contact details on our website and we will correct the fault as soon as we reasonably can.

Your access to the website may be occasionally restricted to allow for repairs, maintenance or the introduction of new facilities or services. We will restore the service as soon as we can. In the event that our website is unavailable, our usual order and cancellation deadlines will apply via phone or over the counter.


While we try to ensure that material included on the website or any other material is correct, we cannot accept responsibility if, despite our endeavours, this is not the case. Without prejudice to your statutory rights, we may correct any inaccuracies and/or errors and we will not be responsible for any such inaccuracies and/or errors or for the results obtained from the use of such information.

Nothing in these terms and conditions affects your statutory rights as a customer. To find out more about these, contact Consumer Association of Singapore or CASE (http://www.case.org.sg).


The content of the website (including but not limited to text, graphics and detox information packs) is protected by copyright and other applicable intellectual property rights. You may not reproduce, modify, copy, distribute or use for commercial purposes any of the materials or content on the website without express written permission from us.

This website is operated by The Healing Concierge, a company incorporated in Singapore, whose registered office is 18 Cross Street, #B1-02, Singapore 048423, registered with company number 53714600C.

You may not assign, sub licence or otherwise transfer any of your rights under these terms and conditions.
If any of these terms and conditions is found to be invalid by any court having competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of that provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions, which shall remain in full force and effect.

The provisions of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 are expressly excluded from our contractual relationship with you so that no third party may claim any rights under that relationship (but this shall not affect any right or remedy of a third party which exists or is available apart from the Act).
Applicable law

These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore.
The courts of Singapore shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising under or in relation to these terms and conditions.