Green Delivery

(Now popping up in Bali! For a limited time period only)

Bottle for bottle delivery. Bringing back the old world charm of how milk bottles are delivered to your doorstep, LINS Smoodees® delivers your smoodees® in a personalised BPA-free bottle, everyday of your package and exchange it at each smoodelivery. Just leave your cooler bag hanging for us!

A minimum 2 BPA-free bottles and cooler bag will get you started on your package!

Smoodeliveries are made door to door on weekday mornings, between 7am to 11am (we will arrange the exact time window with you separately). Giving ourselves a rest on weekends and public holidays. ;) (with the exception of Saturdays to Health Care Workers)

Our smookitchen lovingly selects the best produce of the day and rotate the selection of greens and fruits to give you a colourful variety of nutrients in your diet over a period of time. To know what goes into each blend, simply log on to for our daily posts.

Please take a look at our Terms of Service to understand how our service works before signing up with us! :D

We look forward to delivering your regular dose of liquefied sunshine!