Welcome to the start of a great New Year ahead!

This is an exclusive 3D2N retreat for ANYONE who wishes to empower themselves with the Know-How and the Be-How to cleansing from inside-out.

Think of it as sending your body in for a “maintenance” AND also know what’s going on with it! ;)

Check out past feeds on the Anagami Wellness: Natural Living, Elemental Healing. page to see what could be in store for you. Only packed with goodness and goodies!

Anagami Wellness Retreat 3D2N Elemental Healing/ Weekend Yoga Detox
Event Dates
Starts Ends Add To
Jan 29, 2015 at 07:30 am Jan 31, 2015 at 02:30 pm
Jan 29, 2015 at 07:30 am Jan 31, 2015 at 02:30 pm
Venue Details
Aloha Changi Seafront Chalet C
30 Netheravon Road
Singapore, SG
Organizer Details
Anagami Wellness: Natural Living, Elemental Healing.
This retreat provides you with the following Treatment Therapies, Detox & Movement Classes, Green Juicees, Jamu, Green Smoodees and Herbal Broths:-
1. Yoga Asanas – to energise the chakras and balance the first 3 chakras, to focus on increasing flexibility of spine and work on the digestive systems
2. Circle of Bliss (Meditation, Relaxation & Breathing) – to manage stress, balance emotions and for self-renewal & detoxification
3. Elemental Healing (Stimulation Treatments) – Hip bath, Hot foot, Spinal Compress, Steam Bath, Sun Bath, Mud Bath, Cardio
4. Lifestyle & Dietary Guidelines – simple techniques for food/diet and to cleanse their internal body systems (colon, kidneys, liver, lymphatic system, pancreas, stomach)
5. Activities (Self-Reflection) – explore 1) effects of stress, sources of stress & how to manage. 2) personal values & meaning in our lives and how to commit and uphold them.
We will be hosting a Preview & Information evening on Friday, 16th January 2015. Also a chance for past participants to reunite! Click here to register for it now!
We are really looking forward to sharing with you how you can be a Master of Your Own Health,naturally and affordably!
In Health & Love,
Indira-Anthea (Anagami Wellness)
Sudarshan-Wai Ming (Anagami Wellness)
Syv Bruzeau (Oneness Flow)
Supported by,
Vivienne Loh (Wholelife Consultancy Pte Ltd)
Adeline Tan (The Healing Concierge & LINS Smoodees)
Secure your seat with us by 21 January 2015!
Check In 7.30am, 29 January 2015*
Check Out 2.30pm, 31 January 2015
Venue Aloha Changi Seafront Chalet C
Energy Exchange $488

*Rationale for a Thursday to Saturday date:-
  • For optimum results, we need to create the opportunity for you to unwind and slowly ease out of your otherwise busy schedule. Hence breaking that routine.
  • Giving your body, mind and soul more time to move into reboot mode.
  • Just like how we would let the computer/machine rest for at least a few minutes before turning it on again, the free Sunday gives you that time to chill and integrate back into their respective lives and families.