Rise and Rise again until Lambs become Lions!

Formerly known as "Robin Hood", this is what we call the ULTIMATE GREEN JUICE SMOODEE. An all-vegetable juice, whole fruits, superfood smoodee!! Zero water, just pure superfoods, fruits and greens. Though the price is such that only the "rich" can afford, proceeds goes towards sustaining Forest Smoothie®, an organisation that we support!

Forest Smoothie® is a reforestation project for the Food & Beverage industry. Forest Smoothie® partners are permitted to sell our trademark drink on the agreement they donate 50% of net profit or a minimum of US$1.40 to plant & protect trees. https://www.forestsmoothie.com/our-work

For best efficacy, have your smoodees on an empty stomach.

LINS Smoodees® are made with fresh Schauberger Water and Fresh Living Organic Greens!
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“Image is for illustration purposes – Colours and flavours vary everyday”

Our smookitchen lovingly selects the best produce of the day and rotate the selection of greens and fruits to give you a colourful variety of nutrients in your diet over a period of time. To know what goes into each blend, simply log on to www.facebook.com/linssmoodees for our daily posts.

“Love will live. Love will last. Love goes on and on and on...”  ~ Robin Hood