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Drinking green smoothies will naturally add more organic plant foods to our diets and reduce any unwanted cravings. Different people have different reasons for introducing green smoothies into their diet. The reasons you choose are yours!
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Graham Hill is founder of Treehugger, a media outlet that promote sustainable living. In this video, Graham explains his own way of eating more plant foods: going vegetarian during the week. Watch him here:

Predators and prey. Animals, including we humans, have been using other animals for food since prehistoric times. However, the modern methods by which we humans raise animals for food have distorted the use of natural resources and done great harm to the environment, including increased release of greenhouse gases. Veggie Thursday is not a magic bullet that can single-handedly stop global warming and reverse environment destruction, but it can help.

Here are 10 reasons why we should show our concern for the environment by drinking more greens. It’s a good summary to share with others.

This article, entitled ‘Climate change: Making the difference with every little bite’ comes from the local Green Kampong website.

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