About LINS Smoodees


Green smoothies to heal your body, mind and soul…
LINS Smoodees® is an in-house creation of The Healing Concierge, a social enterprise incorporated in Singapore that makes referrals and recommendations to those seeking to heal (be it themselves, loved ones or the environment) on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level, through natural and holistic ways.

Seeing that there was a lack of dedicated F&B providers in Singapore who heals through the sense of taste back in 2009, LINS Smoodees® was created to contribute to a rising community and wellness industry.

Most friends and family who know about green smoothies and the benefits of having more raw vegetables and fruits in their diet tell us that they do not have the time nor the effort to incorporate it into their lifestyle. Realising this “pain”, LINS Smoodees’® services was conceptualised to provide the solution for this!

Each bottle of green smoodees® sold contributes towards sustaining The Healing Concierge, enabling it to provide its services free for all and free to use!


Helping one to Heal through the Sense of Taste, one smoodee® at a time®


Green smoothies will be as commonly found in your diet as coffee, tea and milk is today!

Lin’s Story

“My family’s diet and lifestyle went through a series of positive transformations ever since my dad learnt the art of making Green Smoothies from Certified Living Foods Chef & Teacher, Ms Linda Loo.
From then on (the year 2007), he started making smoothies for our family every single morning. To this day, our family has never missed a day without Green Smoothies!

Dad’s green smoothies kept me going all this while as I constantly experience the amazing effects it has on my body, mind and soul.

Being born of a congenital heart condition which results in a low oxygen level in my blood and making me susceptible to infections and other contagious diseases, my dad’s regimental approach at ensuring that I eat and live healthily since birth has helped me maintain a state of physical well-being!

In a nutshell, I had experienced first-hand ALL our stated sight effects. AND I’m loving it so much that I cannot help but feel compelled to share this with all who wants to be healed naturally!”

About our name “LINS Smoodees®”

“LINS” Using Adeline’s Chinese and Thai nickname LIN as an acronym, we endeavour to serve you green smoothies that are:

Infused with


Pronounced “Smoo-dee” in Singlish
Smoothie + Dee! (“Good!” in Thai*) = SMOODEE®!
*Tribute to our loved ones in Thailand – May peace be with you…

“LINS Smoodees®” are made with Filtered Alkaline Water and Fresh Living Organic Local Greens!”